Sunday, 28 April 2013

This week baby is the size of...

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started looking at baby sites. And believe me there are countless ones out there. But I didn't want to become obsessed with looking at all of them.

I finally settled on The Bump - a fan of its sister site 'The Knot' (a fantastic site for weddings), it seemed a natural progression. When you sign up they send a weekly newsletter filled with different articles that, as a new mom-to-be, you'd like to know.

And the main article in the weekly email is - You're Belly : Week X

It's a great, informative snapshot of what baby is doing as she's growing as well as what's happening to you, the mum. I'm fine with all of this, happy to read them. Except...the comparison to fruit and veg of how big your baby is.

Now maybe I need to take a step back and just accept the news that baby is the size of an onion at week 17. But the cook in me just had to say 'eh? An onion? Are we talking shallot, white, yellow, Spanish?' There are many sizes of onions out there. At week twenty, she's now the size of a banana. Again, we've all seen countless sizes of the potassium filled fruit, so it is a tad difficult to make a comparison. Nonetheless, I should stop being pedantic; it's a lovely little bit of insight and I'm looking forward to the email that says she's the size of a watermelon, but obviously not one that's been grown for the county fair's 'largest watermelon contest'...

Oh and I can share this produce fact with friends and family on Facebook - but I'll spare you that joy and just create a shopping list from all the fruit and veg. And when the little one arrives, as I chop away at a courgette/zucchini, I can tell her 'you know you were once this size...'


  1. Oh man! Congratulations Shalini! I don't know if you remember me: it's Devota, from Croydon.
    I was just typing a uni assignment, procrastinating/scouring the web for inspirational materials, when I decided to check in on your blog.
    Anyway, all the best to you and your growing brood!
    Adios from Ol' Blighty ;0)

  2. Hey Devota, how are you (yes, I remember you).
    Lovely to hear from you, I hope uni is going well for you. Drop me an email on Facebook so we can catch up properly. Take care.