Friday, 25 March 2011

The Power of Body Shop

I'm always amazed at no matter how determined I am to just "pop in" to The Body Shop to pick up what ever it is I need at the time, I end up with eight things that I liked but had no intention of buying and didn't really need it at that particular moment.

With the whole spiel of "if you spend $40 now, you'll get a point which means 15% off your next purchase..", they really know how to make their money. Really, a whole point now...oh well if you said earlier...

The training they receive must be fantastic. I can just imagine they're all sitting in a large conference room, the trainer is looking at the latest recruits saying "remember ladies and gentlemen, sell, sell,'s all natural, good for them, for the planet and if they still won't purchase the bath lilly...tell them about the stop cruelty to children petition..."

The other day I went in for some bath wash and was pounced on. I did avoid eye contact, but the sales assistants have grown wise..yes, customer dear, we've been trained...we know you're not looking at us, but we're still going to ask you if we can help!

So, the young man asks "is there anything I can help you with? By the way, the mango wash (which I had in my hand) is so refreshing." I smiled, as he chatted away about "have I tried satsuma". I tried to quell my mind and my mouth from asking a question, but I rarely listen to anyone, so why would I listen to me?! "Actually, I was looking for an exfoliating face wash". His eyes, could it be true, she wants something else. Oh you've done it now, I chastised myself. "Of course" he replies practically jumping up and down. He takes me to a shelf with said product, "try this one, with camu camu seeds; its really good and I just love saying that - camu camu seeds." Ok, I get it you like saying "camu camu"...he goes on to ask if I want a hand exfoliator...dragging me to a bowl of warm water, where he applies a salve and starts massaging my hand; "doesn't it feel lovely?" I smiled, "yes it does, but no thanks." That's it girl stand strong.

Then he says, "can I interest you in a make-up case, with make-up brushes? Only $15..if you buy one more thing...?" Nah, mate, suckered into that one last week I almost respond...but smiled and say "thanks, but I already have that." Disappointment flashes in eyes.

I wanted to reassure him that next time I'm in, he can corner me with another offer that they are promoting and that I will no doubt succumb to. But refrained...then felt a tad guilty so I added to my bath lily collection...

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