Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Extra! Extra! Royals Have a New Dog!

I'm a fan of the royal family. American's love the royals too but they are less inclined to splash news about them across their broadsheets - in the fashion or gossip magazines, yes - but not their papers, unless its something important like William heading off to Argentina.

Unlike the British press who will publish anything...and I'm referring to the tabloids. So I was tad surprised to find that The Times (London edition) composed a two page article on finally finding out the name of the Duke and Duchess' (of Cambridge) dog. I skimmed the article to read that apparently people have been eager to know the name of their puppy ever since he arrived on their doorstep and The Times are proud to be the first ones to Twitter this historical event.

I suppose with worrying headlines concerning Syria and economic downfalls, an article on the new royal dog is a little light relief and I shouldn't be critical. What with being away from a daily down-low on the royals, I've forgotten how the press makes us obsessed with every detail of their lives. And with that in mind, I'm waiting for the next article..."Too posh to pick up poop? An in-depth review of whether a Duchess should carry out this task."

Oh by the way, the name of the dog? Lupo...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

What Happened to the Simple Act of Revenge?

As I swept the floor this morning, I listened to CNN as they relayed a story of a man who killed his girlfriend because she dumped him. And then later, I read an article where a man killed a couple because they stopped being friends with his daughter on Facebook.

All of this makes me sad and really just worry about the state of people's minds today. Being slighted or dumped automatically means slaying someone? What happened to the good ol' fashioned, non-violent forms of revenge?

What exactly are we teaching the younger generation? That if someone annoys you, stops being your FB friend you off 'em? Really? It seems to have become the norm; imagine bumping into someone you know:

Bob: "Heard you and Shelia are no longer together, sorry to hear that..."
Billy-Bob: "Yeah man.."
Bob: "How are you dealing with it?"
Billy-Bob: "Oh, you know, I killed her...b*tch broke my heart man..."
Bob: "Yeah...right..."

Seriously, there are other ways to exact revenge. I mean why not shrink her favorite dress, sprinkle cress seeds on her keyboard or carpet or better still shove a rotting fish behind the radiator. Or, take a leaf out of Amelie's book - change the light bulb for a lower wattage one, swap the toothpaste for hemorrhoid cream, change the alarm clock so they get up at 3 in the morning not 7...

OK, it may cause some distress - but in the grand scheme of's practically harmless, everyone stays alive and once you've committed these tiny acts of revenge, you can go on and find your true love.

By the way I'm not condoning these acts of revenge; it's always best to take the higher road, but sometimes...