Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cor Blimey, I'm speakin' American

Well, it had to happen! In order for me to be understood, I have to forgo the Queens' English and speak "American".

Perhaps I shouldn't, but I find myself giving into it. As I've mentioned previously, my very English accent is still a problem. So, I find myself dropping letters, over emphasizing others and basically, trying not to sound...well, English!

When ordering a sandwich (I won't mention the cheese debacle again); I'll say "too-nah" instead of "choo-nah" for tuna (who's to say which is correct?) and with the song cropping up in my mind, I have to say "toe-may-toe" and not "toe-mah-toe" to avoid said product being in my sandwich (sub, grinder...) and to just stop the withering look of "what the heck you sayin' lady?"

And whilst I haven't quite resorted to ending the admiration of a new born baby, or seeing a really nice pair of shoes with "awesome", I do find it occasionally popping up in my vocabulary.

Essentially, one must adopt these ways to avoid sounding so English, but find I myself thinking of Professor Higgins' contempt of the incorrect pronunciation of words but take heart that a part of me will always remain Eliza Dolittle, regardless of how I have to say things...bloomin' lover-ly.