Sunday, 3 April 2011

Take A Hint

I was reading the Metro section of the The Boston Globe recently and happened across the agony aunt section. I normally read these (problems) just because I'm nosey and possibly, selfishly, feel better about my life because at least I don't have their issues.

And, after reading them it does make me wonder why people feel motivated to write in and share with the world their dilemmas. Yes, I appreciate that 'talking' to a stranger allows a little perspective, but why do it so publicly?

Mind you, writing in about a problem is much better that airing them on national TV - need I mention, Jerry Springer, Trisha and the like? Why people, does finding out that your best friend slept with your mother's best friend's daughter make for interesting viewing? (rolling my eyes). Moving on...

...this particular problem...this woman wrote in saying that (in short) her husband has changed his Facebook profile picture from the two of them to just himself. When seeing his friends she doesn't get invited along, although sometimes the friends wives do; on occasion their dog attends events. She asks what she should do, as the relationship has changed.

I can't remember what the agony aunt's response was but this is what I would say (and I appreciate that it may come across as a tad harsh but..)

"Dear Unsure,

Lord have mercy, how thick do you have to be?

The DOG gets invited out but you don't. Er, let me think - yeah love, I'd say your relationship has changed!!?! Maybe he's not 'man enough' to leave you, but girl...get the heck out of there!

Hope it all works out for you.."

Yeah, I know...maybe a career as an agony aunt is not quite for me...