Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Golden Globes

I'm not a huge fan of award ceremonies. I like to know who won what at the BAFTA's, the Oscars, Grammy's and even the Raspberries (is that the correct name?), however, that doesn't mean I'm inclined to sit and watch actors and musicians alike picking up their well deserved piece of display for their mantelpiece. But, like my love for country music, being in America, you can't help but get drawn into the glamour.

So, Hubby and I (well, Hubby kept one eye on the proceedings, whilst I had both firmly glued to the screen), settled in and watched the Golden Globes. And, to be perfectly honest, I was much more interested in who was wearing what. I love fashion but I'm certainly no fashionista! To be honest, I like seeing who's wearing what and 'avin' a bit of b*tch about whether they should be wearing that on the red carpet. C'mon on now, don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing.

I tuned into E! on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest, who was interviewing the likes of (OMG!) Justin Bieber, Brad and Angie as well as Michael Douglas and CZJ (Michael, by the way looks so good after all his chemo...). Ryan would ask who the designer was and well, I didn't actually know all the designers they mentioned (did I say I'm not a fashionista?!) but I recognized the usual like Prada and Armani. My observation is that green is the new purple which was the new black. Some great designs and as always the jewelry was er, blinging! (can you use that word as a verb?!) Anyway the highlights for me (oh and don't expect some elaborate description detailing the cut and flow...sorry!) were:

Angelina Jolie: Long vintage looking green sparkly dress (Versace)- very nice, demure and understated...and did I mention green? And what's with the draping/leaning constantly against/over Brad? Angie love, we know you're together, no need to stick to the man like glue...are you that worried about Jen?!

Sandra Bullock: Hmmm...pink, sparkly, off the shoulder, crystals flowing across the length of the dress...but her fringe was a little too long and detracted from the dress. Although Ms bullock is one of my fave actors, I expected something that didn't look so dated. Lets just say it wasn't her best red carpet look!

J-Lo: white dress, gathered at the front, strapless with a chiffon, sequin studded 'shawl'. She looked goddess like, beautiful as always...although e! seems to think she looked matronly?!

Olivia Wilde: Gorgeous, gorgeous, chocolate colored tulle ball gown which was packed with sequins from the bodice to a gentle cascade over the skirt. And the heels - divine! Gold sequined Louboutin shoe/boots!

Halle Berry: some didn't like her basque and chiffon number, but I thought she looked stunning. And her skin...flawless.

Natalie Portman: beautiful in a pink empire waist number with a red appliqu├ęd rose across the sweetheart neckline. It showed off her bump in a lovely, demure way.

Megan Fox: Stunning! This was my favorite dress of the evening. It was a pink number (actually, they call it 'blush'...looked pink to me!) with the bodice part 'sections' of material criss-crossing with some of those strips of material studded with sequins/rhinestones (couldn't quite tell! But see the picture attached!) It was by Armani Prive.

Lea Michele (Glee): looked very sweet in a Oscar de la Renta ruffles and flowing fabric. Some say she looked a little twee; I didn't think so.

Jane Lynch: Considering how tall she is, Ms Lynch looked elegant in her black, dazzling dress.

Tilda Swinton: hmmm...it looked like she dropped something on the top part of her dress at home, didn't have time to don another dress, so put on a white shirt (crisply ironed!) with a lemon (duchess silk?) full length skirt. Eh? Sorry...not a red carpet combo at all!

Helena Bonham Carter: for starters the hair. She looked liked she had just left the HP set. So, her coif was Bellatrix crossed with someone getting dressed in the dark - she wore two different colored shoes. I appreciate wearing Westwood means being a little out there...but there's "out there" and then there's "can I hitch ride back to Earth?"!

Overall, I thought the majority of the women looked so beautiful...as for the men; unfortunately, there's only so many ways to wear a tuxedo! Which is worse for them as if they don't have the stature to carry it off, they can look odd. Justin had to wear sneakers with his ensemble...ok Bieber, we get it, you're young, you need to stay hip. But mate, this is the Golden Globes...dress for the occasion. Johnny Depp...suave as usual without a tie. But as Hubby put it, that man can wear something from the reject bin in Oxfam and still look good.

Check out www.eonline.com for pictures for some of the ladies mentioned above.

With the glitz and the glamor all over, I must say, I'm looking forward to the Oscars...