Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Just call me Grumpy...

Seems like I haven't started this year in as good a mood as I thought I would. Let the ranting begin...

Shock, snow in winter?

As Hubby and I decided to take a quick dinner out, we ambled down to our local restaurant in freezing temperatures. As we rounded a corner, a tall almost lanky man came towards us. Shoulders were hunched over, face pinched in the typical 'wowzers, it's cold people!'. Then I cast an eye to his attire...a zipped up jacket rather on the thin side but perhaps he wore layers followed by peach shorts. Yes SHORTS. Now, these weren't the typical runners Lycra material, nope these were your, "it's a particularly hot and humid summers day, I need some breeze" type shorts and lets not even go there with the color. Seriously? It's minus 6 and you're wearing that? No wonder you're cold mate - did you not look out of the window before you left home? Call me crazy but perhaps a full length pair of pants/trousers would take that frigid look off your face?

Words with Friends

Can anyone say SCRABBLE? Ooh "triple letter, double word...play against a friend, it's a great crossword building game"...yeah it's scrabble and that particular game has been around for quite some time now.

Brock Lesnar

He's a bully and nothing else.

I blame Hubby for getting me into WWE. Every Monday he'd flick it on and whilst he claimed he was watching it, he'd spend the entire two hours (now three!) reading his Twitter feed, doing some research. Me, I'd sit and stare at the sometimes stupid actions of these wrestlers. Before I knew it, I cheered my favorites, booed the baddies...and, yes I'll admit it, join the audience with the actions (Cena's 'you can't see me' hand wave across the face for example).

Then Brock Lesnar made a reappearance and pummeled whoever came into the ring with him. Except, it wasn't 'entertainment'. It was plain old bullying and no matter what, children watch this. They get influenced and seeing this thug of a man being encouraged to act like a complete buffoon just annoyed me. My ranting to Hubby about Brock's behavior and the WWE universe showing it was met with a chuckle and 'I take it you're more into this than me?' plus a 'it's not real', I'd nonchalantly reply, 'pah I can take it or leave it.' But still, it's real to the kids out there and Brock (who doesn't have a good theme song) shouldn't be applauded for his thuggery - go back to the UFC mate where you belong.

Punxsutawney Phil

He should be fired. February 2nd and he didn't see his shadow which meant an early spring. We're now entering our SIXTH winter storm warning this weekend in the NE. Don't get me wrong, I love snow and can even abide the arctic winds, but c'mon, this is silly.

Phil, as cute as you are - you are so wrong and I'm losing faith in you...(shaking my head)

Ranting over...for now...