Monday, 30 June 2014

A Year Later...

I still can't believe that Mum got her wings a year ago.

When I started to make notes about my post I realized that it was all a bit sad, bordering on depressing. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly sad about Mum not being here. I still long to hear her voice, to get the call where she has to share her latest joke.

And that's when I reminded myself that Mum loved to laugh and have a laugh. In the last few years her life was really quite unhappy with being so ill and jokes, yes even the naff ones, made her giggle and gave some light relief.

So I figured, I could lament about the feeling of loss and how I don't really look at the picture of Mum that is on my coffee table too much because it causes my heart to ache. No, instead I figured July 1st is not just a day of remembrance but a chance to celebrate the life of a woman who:
  • made me laugh
  • made me appreciate the written word
  • told me to use my common-sense
  • wound me up
  • tried my patience
  • made me cry 
  • I enjoyed hugging
  • strive and achieve to become a published author
  • taught me the Beatitudes
  • I envied and admired her natural artistic abilities
  • who ultimately pushed me to be a better person and achieve more than she did
So as much as her absence has left a hole in my heart, I'll always be grateful for what she taught well as not being able to teach the Little Miss bad habits and then hand her back to me (something she promised to do with her grandchildren)!

Thanks Mum xx