Tuesday, 9 October 2012

You Gotta Laugh

Hubby and I ventured out on a cloudy, chance of rain, autumnal Sunday. It was nice to amble into town (central Boston) for a quick saunter. I eyed the clouds regretting that I didn't search for the umbrella. I had put it away but it fell towards the back of the cupboard and well, I figured I'd hunt for it when I needed it...

As we left a shop, spots of rain started to fall. I apologized to Hubby, again, for not retrieving and bringing the brolly along. He forgave me, then offered me a stick of gum saying:

"Forgot I had these; I bought them when it was raining,"

to which I replied

"Really? Doesn't make for a very good umbrella?"

I laughed, he gave me a shake of his head and a muttered 'I'm laughing on the inside'.

Nothing like a good giggle on a rainy day!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Presidential Debates

The Presidential Elections are looming and tonight (Oct 3) is the first debate between the two candidates.

I can't vote and I'm glad because I haven't a clue what either party is standing for. I've kind of got my head around the whole what's a Republican/Democrat thanks to a history book I'm reading (on and off) but that makes little difference if their polices are not 100% clear. The ads aired have so far been one accusation after the other about not paying the correct taxes, failing on increasing the job market etc. Confusing for me a non-voter, can you imagine if you had to make a decision to bring one of these men into office?

As I watched the CNN election coverage, they reported that people, especially young people, need to come out and vote. And it reminded me of what someone said about elections - make it more like a contest as the American public respond in their millions to a competition then they do a campaign.

I said to Hubby that they so need to do that. The American Idol Presidential Campaign Debate. The judges (of course) Simon Cowell, Randy 'Dawg' Jackson...

SC: What's your name?
BO: Barack..Barack Obama
RJ: Okay Barack, what are you going to sing?
BO: Let's Stay Together by Al Green
SC: At least it's not Adele
MR: I'm singing 'If I were a rich man'...ha ha I already am! Seriously, I'm going to sing 'Chasing Pavements', - that's Adele isn't it?

And then the ultimate showdown  - a TLC Steel Cage match...WWE is the most watched program, so it's gotta be done. In the red corner, Mitt Moneyman Muscles Romney and in the blue corner we have Barack Fire Assassin Obama. Throw in the 'Money in the Bank' contract...and it could just work.

But in all seriousness, I don't envy the American public this November when they'll cast their votes. It ain't gonna be easy who to choose. However, one thing that should be made clear is if you don't vote, you can't complain.