Tuesday, 9 October 2012

You Gotta Laugh

Hubby and I ventured out on a cloudy, chance of rain, autumnal Sunday. It was nice to amble into town (central Boston) for a quick saunter. I eyed the clouds regretting that I didn't search for the umbrella. I had put it away but it fell towards the back of the cupboard and well, I figured I'd hunt for it when I needed it...

As we left a shop, spots of rain started to fall. I apologized to Hubby, again, for not retrieving and bringing the brolly along. He forgave me, then offered me a stick of gum saying:

"Forgot I had these; I bought them when it was raining,"

to which I replied

"Really? Doesn't make for a very good umbrella?"

I laughed, he gave me a shake of his head and a muttered 'I'm laughing on the inside'.

Nothing like a good giggle on a rainy day!

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