Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Well I never...

Nestling in the pages of the Daily Mail was a catalog. You know the kind, endless pages of products that seem pointless but if you're over 60  they're the best things since sliced bread. Items like 'scare cat' - a metal cat with sparkling eyes to ward off other cats, a revolutionary bird feeder, a soft-foam toilet seat...

Anyway, I picked it up to have a butchers and worried at how many things I looked at seemed to be not bad and actually quite useful. As I turned the page over having read about an indestructible waterproof wallet, a porcelain tea set and an almost invisible hearing aid, I was shocked at what was before me. 

Could these products really be in a magazine like this and be deemed okay? 

What were these products? DVD's...of porn and not just any porn, but S&M porn. All tastefully done mind you. "Meet Tanya. She's looking for romance and excitement..." my mouth actually fell open. Has the world gone that crazy over 'fifty shades' that even catalogs for the old dear next door has to sell it? 

Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, whatever floats your boat, but I thought it's a bit much. Can you imagine some lady called Doris settling down with a nice cuppa and a slice of battenburg trying to find that miniature water feature her nephew Derek would love and came across that? Cheeks would grow rosy and the tea cup tremble with embarrassment. But whose to say she wouldn't order it?..