Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Advice to My Daughter

An article in The Times (London) made me stop and think. It asked four different women what advice they would give to their daughter and it made me ask the same question of myself. What pieces of knowledge would I pass on to the Little Miss? There is the usual get a good education, decent job and a nice man etc but then there's also...

To my sweet girl

My advice is plentiful. Take it and make with it what you will. After all, the world and your own experiences of it will give you lots to think about and what I'm saying here right now may not have any bearing on how your life is going. But nonetheless, it's a mother's right to divulge her opinions...

I could mention all those things that you should say on subjects such as relationships, work, being zen, etc etc but I'm far too practical. So here goes:
1Clean your face of make-up each night (should you wear the stuff) and smooth moisturiser on in an upwards movement. No need to intentionally drag your face down, gravity is doing that already.
2. Listen to music everyday and any kind. I'm going to stop at thrash though...Be it Debussy or Eminem music can make you feel better, less sad/angry, a lot happier and calmer. With the right song the problem you faced is a little more bearable, the love you feel greater.
3. Read, read, read. From the 'get your vaccination here' sign at the pharmacy to Homer's The Iliad. You never know when it will come in handy.
4. Scream, cry or hug it out any or all of these things when the situation calls for them - they help cleanse the soul.
5. Laughter really is the best medicine. There are moments to take things seriously otherwise, always try and have a giggle.
6. It's okay to judge others, just know that you'll be judged too. Whether for the color of your skin, your gender or how you wear your hair, there's someone who will have something to say about it.
7. Wear perfume everyday - the real stuff.
8. Take a moment to sit and just be. Right now we're living in a technology fuelled world, with one eye on a screen. Only the Lord knows what it will be like when you're in your teens and older. So, every now and then, just switch everything off, breathe and listen to the silence.
9. Always keep a little of your childhood innocence with you as you get older. It's okay to still love your pop idol that you had when you were a teenager, enjoy a Disney film (or two), crunch leaves and splash in puddles. I still do and it reminds me that the world is actually a great place.
10. Never be afraid to ask a question even if you feel embarrassed to do it, no-one has all the answers and there will be a few that are grateful you stood up and said, "Can I just ask..?"

And so before I go any further (you know how I can ramble) just remember that wherever the path you take leads, I'm here (and your father) no matter what; but if you need a handout, I'd stick to the Bank of Dad...I'm more the Bank of Crafts, Cake and Cuddles - although your Dad gives fantastic hugs too!

I love you (even when/if you go through a Goth and 'I hate you..you don't understand me (sob)!' phase).