Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name...

The recent news of Kanye and Kim calling their daughter North West, highlighted the difficulty of choosing a name and well, the stupidity of some parents.

With our little one on her way we have that important/arduous task of choosing a name that will be with her for life (obviously). They say a name makes the man or woman - why else would Norma Jean become Marilyn Monroe, Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Michael Caine or Marion Robert Morrison be better know as John Wayne?

But they're celebrities, you understand why they changed their names. Yet why is it that certain celebrities, who have 'normal' names choose a name that the child may feel compelled to change? Or is it because they are born into a world of money and status that it's of little consequence what these children have to 'suffer' because of the choice of their parents?

What would you say if you knew a Peaches Honeyblossom (Bob Geldof/Paula Yates' daughter), Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter) or Moon Unit (Franks Zappa's daughter) in your primary school? Admittedly, children are very accepting of what's put before them. There may be the slight 'huh?' when they hear the name but as long as you're willing to pitch in a game of baseball, who cares.

I spent last weekend looking at 1500 names. Yes there are that many and then some...I've amended the list of names we've put together, looked at them, coupled them with our surname and revised it (again and again) crossing off the ones that SO won't work. Hopefully we'll find something that we agree Hubby and I haven't quite seen eye-to-eye on some names. We both have at one time or the other given each other looks of "are you serious?" Once we've chosen a name, I'm planning on having a couple on standby as she may not 'look' like the name we've chosen. Regardless, the search continues...

However, what I am sure on is that we won't be calling the little one Beetle. Yes that's the name of this boy in the UK somewhere. Can you imagine being in the playground - "hey, bug boy - pass us the football!"  And when he's older, sitting at an all important interview; "Hi my name is Beetle,"... poor child.