Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snow Snow Snow/Now is the winter of our discontent...

November, December even early January the weather was cold, crisp, but no snow. Hubby and I had a conversation where in I said, "ooh, we've been lucky with not having any snow this winter." To which Hubby responded, "you say this every year, we always get some snow around now."

And then the first winter storm headed towards us. I forget the name, let's call it Bob and it dumped a whole load of the white stuff. Before long another one came along, Cousin Sue, and deposited even more. Within two weeks Boston, heck the state of Massachusetts, got a year's worth of snow in that time span.

Two more storms on top of Bob and Cousin Sue, and it's the city's third biggest winter snowfall. And I haven't even mentioned the wind chill. At times stepping out with exposed skin for ten minutes would result in frostbite. That's cold.

Of course there is the usual travel bans and MBTA (tube) stopping services. Can you believe that people have complained? The Governor complained that it was unacceptable that the tube services stopped. Now I get they have a commitment to have some sort of transportation going - people need to get to work - nurses, doctors etc. but surely people have some sort of understanding that just sometimes it's not possible to get things working the way you expect them to be. How can you control the weather?

And then you have the runners. They still get out and about which you either think is admirable or just stupid. I'm erring on the side of stupid; it's icy and paths are cleared but narrow because of the snow banks. I was out with the little miss. She's happily wondering around; I did hear the thuds of a runner behind us, I moved to get said little miss out of the way. Lo and behold, the runner slipped and fell because she wanted to get around us. I was sorry that we may have caused the fall and felt sorry for her but then thought why not just slow down, or stop. Or here's a thought, don't run. Everyone is taking their time getting around mindful of ice and black ice. Having to avoid runners shouldn't be part of the list.

I won't even mention the people who think dress shoes are appropriate footwear, those with hoods on their coats who look frozen to the core yet won't put them up...

Yes I've had enough of the white stuff, Yet I can't help but feel a little bit of excitement when those fluffy flakes flutter silently down to the ground. There is still something quite magical about it, the silence, its beauty. So as much as I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for Spring to arrive, I haven't quite fallen out of love with snow.