Thursday, 25 April 2013

Boston Strong

After a winter that didn't seem to end, the sun shone brightly on that April day. As people basked in the warm rays, countless people cheered for those who spent the best part of a year training to run twenty six miles. Whilst others, cheered on the Red Sox all silently praying, 'this will be our year'.

And then the mindless act of two people shattered the lives of so many there at the marathon, even those safely watching the event at home.

How can any individual or organization justify taking the lives of innocent people? People who are consumed with their own little part of the world not religion, who may sympathize but have to get up to go to work, school, college. Questions are still being asked but until the second terrorist makes a full recovery will we ever understand their motives?

I've only lived in Boston for three years, but like to consider myself an honorary Bostonian. It's a great city, brimming with vitality and people from all walks of life. Boston is making its recovery, slowly but surely - and I couldn't feel more proud of a city and it's people who are not going to let this tragic day stop them living their lives. I'm glad we stand 'Boston Strong'.

One Fund - a charitable fund set up for those victims of the bombings.

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