Friday, 13 May 2016

Conversations with a toddler...

...and other such musings.


The Little Miss:"ow!"
Daddy: "well, if you run your yellow car across your toes like that, it will hurt."

An Affair?

When Dolly (Parton) released the song "Jolene" back in the 70s, I'm pretty sure there was little speculation about her husband having an affair. So how come when BeyoncĂ© releases her album and the track "Don't Hurt Yourself", there is so many theories and dire warnings of an impending divorce? Practically every celebrity has some drama attached to them. Getting quite bored of it.

Political Powers

I can't believe that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. There is so much to say yet I don't know where to begin. However, one thing that really irks me is how much attention the media (read: CNN) give to him. There are no concrete policies, viewpoints or ideas that warrant this much air time, yet guaranteed, he will be discussed the most. The man has no political background and yet he's expected to speak to the Senate, Congress, other world leaders in a professional manner, should he succeed? As one interviewee said, "...and this is the man we should give the nuclear codes to?" I'm scared for me, my daughter (an American citizen), for America and the world should he be voted in as President of the United States.


Starbucks' new membership has caused some furor. And I can understand why if you're a casual drinker of this particular brand. Before you could come in and get a star for each drink. Get 12 (stars), your 'gold' status was renewed and you got a free drink. Now you have to get 125 stars to get that free drink but every time you get a coffee, you get two stars for every $1 spent. Unless I've calculated it incorrectly, and I may well have as maths was not one of my best subjects, I don't think it's too bad a deal for a regular customer...

A Bit of TV

I've discovered the final series of Haven (a sci-fi program) is now on Netflix. But then reality sets in. The only way I can watch it in peace is if I set my alarm for about 1am because the Little Miss will definitely not wake up for another few hours. As it is I can't watch Jeopardy without her muttering, "I don't like Jep-dee Mommy, I don't like it." Why? When the program ends, it's her bed time...supposedly...

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