Tuesday, 27 May 2014

"Before the merriment of commencement commences..."

The spring rain had watered the hallowed grounds of Harvard and up sprang marquees of various sizes. Ah yes Commencement was here once again.

Taking an alternative route through Harvard Law campus, as they were busy setting up cameras and podiums, we squeezed past the growing line of students with their mortar boards and gowns chattering eagerly to each other.

I was very excited for them, I have no idea why. It was lovely seeing their faces of anticipation, family members clicking away, friends chatting and posing for yet more photographs before they were called up to shake the Dean's hand and take their seat and listen to Mr. Bloomberg give an inspiring speech.

As we ambled along I said to Hubby that I would love to attend a commencement even it's just to heckle a "woo-hoo, well done!" Hubby said they send out tickets they'd know I didn't belong. But I argued, what if I were to wear a professors hat and gown? I'd fit in no problem. I'd just shake their hands saying "congratulations, now the hard work starts." or I'd quote Four Weddings and grasp the hands of the parents and gush, "congratulations, you must be so proud!"

As Hubby hurried me away from the throngs lest I tap one of the students and give them a congratulatory hug, I'm reminded (by Hubby dearest) that that so called 'hard work' they're destined for is softened by the six figure salary they'll all be starting on. Hmm, good point...

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