Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Simple Hot Chocolate

Liquid Gold
That was all I was after.

Having sauntered around doing my errands in zero degree temps, I thought I'd stop off and indulge in a hot chocolate. Or a I debated which to get, the sign outside the store said 'Peppermint Hot Chocolate'. No more pondering, I was sold.

I walked in with a simple "I'd like a peppermint hot chocolate please", did I get a "course darlin', that will be threepenny piece  'ave a nice day" (okay I didn't transport myself back to 1800s London, but you get my drift...), no I got a deluge of questions back; "sure madam, large or small?",  was that peppermint?", "dark, milk or white chocolate?", "Is that for here or to go?"

Oh sweet Lord, I just want a hot chocolate to warm me cockles for cryin' out loud. But I said, large, yes, dark and to go please, the slightly theatrical sales staff waved me off to the side of the shop to wait while my drink was created. And I waited for almost five minutes.

As I left the store with drink in hand, muttering about waiting for so long I did wonder why has ordering a hot beverage become so time-consuming? And after all the small, skinny blah, blah was this particular drink worth it? After one sip...oh yes it was. That one slurp transported me back to a small cafe in Verona where their signature beverage was a cup of liquid chocolate, so thick a spoon could stand upright. The velvety, creamy warmth washed my mouth in a peppermint caress.

Definitely, worth the extra questions, the wait and warmed me up good and proper.

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