Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another Year Granted

I been a bit lackadaisical with my posts, it's amazing how much time reading takes up. But moving on...some good news that I should have shared a while back - Hubby and I have been granted a year's extension on our visa - hooray. And it was appropriate/ironic timing that we found out/got it confirmed a couple of weeks before July 4th

Let me tell you it was a dire few months until we got the confirmation. We spoke to HR...okay Hubby spoke to HR and found out that the head honcho left, leaving little notes (ain't that always the case?!) and the new HR lady was wondering why the company paid for me. Cue soapbox...Why pay for me? Er maybe because I'm the wife...?! As much as Hubby would relish the odd days just to lounge around play Gears and eat pizza all day...he'd miss me! (Wouldn't he?) Do they not know I'm the epitome of a 1950s housewife - who will do his laundry? make his beloved lasagna? Okay, I know Hubby can manage a lot of things on his own...and heck why am I justifying myself? I'm his wife, reason enough.

Stepping off the soapbox, they eventually said 'yeah go on then,' and we're happy.

We like it out here and although next year we have to move from Cambridge (we're after a two bed apartment) I'm looking forward to another twelve months of the constant yet changing, sometimes extreme weather, interrupted sleep by the street cleaning crew, moving out the way of people who don't say thank you (for doing so), Starbucks - the place where everyone knows your name...

And for all my American family and friends there's only one thing to say - 'the British are coming, the British are coming'...

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