Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Summer Time Clutch

"If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air," then you may also be fond of or at the very least familiar with the 'summer time clutch'.

No it's not a new dance wave that will replace the macarena (can anything?), no I'm talking about the bevy of women who normally balk at the idea of wearing anything below the calf muscle who will happily don a maxi dress because its sunny out.

Suddenly, you can't turn a corner without bumping into a pretty lass with Audrey Hepburn glasses, sun-kissed skin and a skinny iced-coffee in one hand, whilst the other hand is grasping a handful of material as they walk along in their designer flip-flops slapping against the pavement.

I look at these sometimes beautiful Bostonian women and want to stop them and ask, 'if its that long, why don't you take it up another cm or so, you'll have a hand free then? Or at least a wear a wedge? Either way I guarantee my love you won't be sweeping the floor and/or taking half of the dust home with you'.

Am I being a tad too cynical or should I just admit that I'm jealous? I know that if I wore said piece of clothing, I'd look more like Homer Simpson when he wore the 'tent dress' only with make-up on. Ah well, I suppose I can forgive the 'maxi-dress clutch' as summer lasts only a few short months. Perhaps I'll focus my attention on men in shorts; ah yes the knobbly knees, way too hairy legs...then again maybe not...

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