Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Writer in the Making?

This is the year I get serious about writing.

Whilst my dreams may take me to heady heights of being the next P.D. James or Tess Gerritson, I appreciate that to get to that level of notoriety I have to actually submit something.

For years, I've written snippets of stories or day dreamed about characters. So, late last year, when ambling around the stands at the Boston Book Festival and happened across Libboo (an online forum to which budding writers can publish their stories) I thought why not? Why not write again and this time do something about it. So wrote a couple of short stories:


I don't think their too bad, but there's room for improvement. However, I haven't written and posted anything else for a while! Reason being, I was busy reading, but as 2011 drew to a close, I realized I was using that as an excuse (and according to P.D. James, its a good thing for a writer to do; keep reading to keep the creative process alive). I've jotted down a few ideas of plots and characters including particular lines that they would say. Now I just need to put them down on paper (I tend to write long hand first) and get moving.

I'm still working on what kind of  genre I'd write about; crime? suspense? children's? And, although, my two tales (above) are somewhat suspenseful I do have an idea for a children's book too...ah the possibilities are endless.

However, my true calling could be 'romance' novels. An avid reader of Mills & Boons back in the day, that could be where my talents really lie. So I'm thinking to get inspired, I'll paint an area of the living room pink, wrap a pink feather boa dramatically around my neck, paint my lips a stunning magenta and write a narrative as a homage to the queen of romance - Barbara Cartland. Ahh, yes..."..she tried not to let the sultry look in his dark, haunting eyes, steal her breath away. He leaned in closer, momentarily glancing to her slightly open, waiting lips..." 

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  1. what a lovely way to earn a living writing romance like Melvyn in 'As good as it gets'!! x