Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Cards Galore

I just read an article in The Times (London edition) - "All I want for Christmas is a card or two" by Carol Midgley. It detailed her "suffering from the seasonal afflication known as the 'Why have I received so few Christmas cards and does it mean everybody hates me?'" - although she doesn't send out that many herself, but that's not her point, it's still great to receive them.

And, I completely sympathize with Carol. This year, I decided to make my cards, so created a list of people to send them to. A list I make every year and to which Hubby asks - why not keep that list and save yourself some time next year? A valid point perhaps, but my list does change. After all, people leave his office or someone I sent one to this year may well annoy me and therefore find themselves removed from said list for next Christmas. Yes, I know, a little Ebenezer of me...

But lately, over the last few years, I've made the list with a slightly heavy heart. Will I get any cards this year?  The numbers have dwindled. As Carol rightly points out, people are less and less inclined to send out cards. Be they environmentalist - save a tree, don't send a card or consider it a lengthy process - buy the card, find the address, sign card, get stamp, post's a lot of hard work.

I firmly believe that receiving a card at Christmas makes a person know that they are special, that you're thinking of them. That in an 'e' driven world, a tangible item such as a card means so much more. And despite knowing that I'll get a few e-cards (not everyone has my mailing address), I do so cherish the posted ones regardless of who sent them....I was both pleased and slightly horrified that I received a card from my local curry house one year..

So I sent out about 50 cards to those for whom I have an address and hung my ribbon (above picture is representative of my display) in anticipation that in a few weeks leading up to this wonderful holiday, I will be filled with cards of all shapes and sizes from family and friends wishing Hubby and I a joyous (US) Christmas. To date I only have 17 cards displayed but there's still one more week to go...maybe I should have left my forwarding address to The Sitar?..

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