Tuesday, 13 September 2011

...and world peace

As I flicked through the channels thinking that despite 500 odd channels to choose from, there wasn't anything I really wanted to watch, I happened across the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant. Great, I love this show...actually, I used to watch it when it was just Miss World...why is it now called Miss Universe? Are there other pageants taking place across the delta quadrant that once we're able to fly huge distances, we'll be able to meet up and have the ultimate Miss Universe contest?

I was very happy that Miss Angola won. Spotted her from the start; she was a natural beauty plus had an amazing evening dress on...not that that counted towards the final score. It's all about, beauty, poise and elegance.

Anyway, I appreciate that in the politically correct world that we live in, that we shouldn't like these types of programs. But I say, why the heck not? No one is forcing those young women to take part. Yes, perhaps it is a sophisticated step up from Toddlers and Tiaras but for the winner it's is an amazing opportunity. Unfortunately the opportunity is provided by Mr Trump, which makes me wonder what he gets out of it, I can't help but mutter, dirty old man! I'm not a fan of Mr Trump...but if he can't make money on hair pieces, why not invest in another kind of beauty eh?

As some may know, I did make the comment of '82 women and I saw only five worthy of the crown'. Seriously, I'm the first one to appreciate beauty in other women, but to me they all looked the same! Long, slightly curled brunette hair, painted red lips, whiter than white teeth and bodies that would make Jenny Craig happy. Is that what we see beauty as? And no doubt along with those proclaiming that this contest objectifies women, it's also a poor role model for young girls and tells us what to accept as beautiful. Yes, there is an element of this argument that I agree with, but surely we can appreciate beauty in others. It's not their fault that they're pretty!

In previous years I have questioned the winner as I thought there were far more prettier women in the contest. If I remember correctly, so didn't agree with the 2008 winner. Anyway, there were the usual 'mini contests' including best national costume which was open to all 82 ladies. And the inevitable swimsuit section, which I personally think they should rename to "scantily clad bikini" section (especially this year, as the bikini's had to be sent back because there wasn't enough material to them!) The evening dress part was my favorite bit. They all did look lovely, but some dresses...Lord knows what Miss Australia was thinking; apparently it was sent back and forth many times because of the style. Personally, she would have been better off leaving it where it came from! Really didn't do anything for her...

As the girls were eliminated from 16 to 10 to 5, came the final mini contest of being asked a question by one of the judges. This bit cracks me up and bizarrely enough comes across as the most false. Of course they have to give an answer that shows them in a good light. I'd love it if one year a judge asked the Miss Congeniality question "what is the one most important thing our society needs?" and they quoted..."harsher punishment for parole violators Stan...and world peace!" Hilarious...funnily enough, no-one did mention world peace...

Hubby asked why I liked watching Miss Universe and I said, that I appreciate beauty, I love the glamour of it all...and it's an opportunity to bitch about how they look in their bikini's, walk in their heels and carry themselves in evening dresses, after all I should know...I am the epitome of beauty, poise and elegance...ahem...

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