Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fabulous Celine

I've just come back from Las Vegas having seen Celine Dion in was AMAZING!!

There are very few artists that I 'love'. Readers of a previous entry will know that one of these few loves is my undying one for Rick Astley; and that was really it until Celine Dion came along.

I wouldn't claim to be her biggest fan, but I certainly have the majority of her albums and know the lyrics to all the songs, the names of her children, that she has a home in LA, Las Vegas and Canada...but, no not a huge fan.

I've always wanted to see her in concert but with one thing and the other, never got around to it. When she announced six years ago that she was going to do a five year show in Vegas, it got me thinking...wouldn't it be great to go and see her. But yet again, life intervened and pushed it to the back of my mind.

The five years came and went and I felt saddened that I didn't make it to see her. Sister kindly tried to get tickets to see her when she was doing her world tour, but it never happened. Then, Celine made an announcement that she was returning to The Colosseum and my mind started to race - for at the same time Hubby and I were America bound.

I again, put it to the back of my mind for a while but then April last year, I called Hubby (who was already stateside) asking nay, begging to go to the concert. I argued cost wise it may not be too much as we're already in America...cutting a long story short, my wonderful and generous Hubby agreed and a year later we were on a plane heading to Vegas.

The evening of the concert, as I got dressed I began to get very excited. Staying at Caesars Palace meant that we had a very short walk from the elevator to the main doors of The Colosseum, so I wore my strappy wedge heels without fear of a blister!

I wasn't 100% sure of the seats that I booked. Looking at a diagram when booking I figured we had pretty good seats. When we were shown to our seats we were less than 10ft away from the stage; albeit we would spend most of the show looking side onto Celine, but frankly, I didn't care! I was seeing Celine live!

Before we went, I said to Hubby that we had to dress up. No ball-gown and tiara but nice, smart jeans and a shirt type thing. So we did that but actually felt a tad overdressed when we looked at what some people wore. Forgive me for sounding like a snob, but why have people lost the sense of occasion? You're here seeing Celine at Caesars Palace! A few people were wearing three-quarter length trousers and trainers, one guy had on a shorts and a vest type thing. I couldn't help but have a look of disdain on my face!

Moving on....

....we settled into our seats and the show began; and boy was it amazing! The stage setting was simple as its main focus was the orchestra that played behind Celine. As she sang her first song, images of when she first started singing appeared. The show included a tribute to Michael Jackson who came to see her at the first set of Vegas shows and a duet with Stevie Wonder and an incredible french song which reduced her to tears.

Her array of dresses were stunning - long flowing numbers with just the right amount of sparkle and the shoes! of art.

The concert was soon over ending with a couple of numbers that had us all on our feet dancing. Thankfully, it drowned out the old guy who sat next to me who insisted on humming away to most songs. I wouldn't have minded except he hummed out of tune and a tad loudly...

Celine's encore was to sing My Heart Will Go On. She wore a sea green/light aqua flowing dress with a jeweled flower motif at the waist. As she sang, she was raised on a podium and as the song hit its crescendo, down came a circular cascade of water around her. Breathtaking!

Even if you're not a fan of Celine, I would recommend seeing her. She's funny, chats with the audience, she sings live every night...and boy is she a powerhouse of a singer. Brilliant stuff...I wanted to see her all over again...but we had other things to do in Vegas and well, I couldn't subject Hubby to another Celine concert....or could I?

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