Thursday, 5 May 2011

Starbucks, Apple & A Good Idea

Forgive the interruption in service. There really is no excuse for not making regular posts. But, being a new 1950s housewife is very time consuming ahem...

So, where was I? Ah yes...

...Hubby has hit upon a brilliant idea. Whilst passing by (my beloved) Starbucks, we looked in to see if there was any room. Alas, on a Saturday afternoon, it's nigh on impossible to find room for one, let alone two people.

I suggested to Hubby that we loiter and stare at people so those sitting with empty cups and half eaten brownies will feel guilty and vacate their seat/table. Admittedly, I lack the courage to actually carry that 'threat' out, so we stood for a moment contemplating where to go for a cup of java.

Whilst standing there, Hubby surveyed the tables. And smiled, "you know", he said to me "Apple needs to open up a 'Genius Bar' here...or at the very least PC World should sponsor this place. Actually make that Best Buys."

Brilliant idea! Each time I enter SB, I don't see tables laden with used paper cups or crumbs from a devoured coffee cake, but rather laptops, i-pods, and i-phones. With the amount of Apple laptops that adorn the front window benches, a Genius Bar would do very well. How many essays, thesis' or notes have disappeared or a web page not loaded properly? Their frustration would be resolved in an instant. But, would having a Genius Bar encourage folk to stay even longer and therefore deprive me from leaving crumbs of coffee cake behind?

Still, I reckon Hubby is onto something - I should get in touch with Apple & SB to suggest the idea...and obviously get some sort of compensation...

My Hubby, not just a handsome bloke

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  1. great idea! make sure you copyright the idea first! ;) x