Thursday, 7 October 2010


Just a quick NB before I even start...I'm thinking of changing the title of my blog to "Whilst in Starbucks...." as most of my stories start there!

Anyway...whilst sipping my cuppa in said coffee shop, I happened to look up from the book I was reading (plug: and noticed that I was surrounded by students.

I smiled (inwardly) as they sat around me surrounded by their huge text books, sticky notes, highlighters and the obligatory laptop. Ok, so is it necessary to have a laptop whilst studying? I mean why do they need one if they a) have a text book and b) they have sticky notes...are they typing up the notes as they make them and if so, why bother wasting paper? Or is the need to update Facebook with "OMG, this legislation is so killing me." that important? Hubby said to me that technically you can hold a class without anyone being in the lecture hall - something he saw from a film me thinks. But what's the fun in that? Isn't gong to Uni all about interacting with people, not paying that much attention to the class and nabbing notes? (did I write that out loud?)

Now these students - most are from Harvard Law, have these huge volumes in front of them...perfect bound, hardback books and some take to using actual pen to highlight what they need to remember! Highlighters are one thing, but pen? I'm being silly about it I know, but the revulsion of using said tool stems from my love of books and not liking to deface them. But then again, how many people are that attached to a text book?

I do love watching them as they sip their frappuccino and contemplate exactly what Professor 'Langdon' was talking about in their lecture. And I am so becoming a narky old can you study with headphones on? If it's to drown out the noise from everyone else in Starbucks then er, why study there?

One guy made me laugh; he sat down, took out his book, then got up to get his coffee, sat down, opened his book, started to read, got a phone call (I forgot to include that in the list of things that students take out when settling down to carry out some revision), went outside to take the phone call....and he stood outside for nearly 40mins talking...I looked at his book that he came in to study, can't remember the full title but it was regarding Hinduism, Spiritualism and Ghandi. An interesting topic I thought...but he was obviously not that enlightened by it as he decided to talk for 40mins!! I was amazed that he took so long on the phone...did you get here on a scholarship or something because it costs an arm and a leg to study here! Eek, grouchy woman rearing her head again...

Now, I pop in to Starbucks to have some 'company' as I read; and I go there knowing that there will be moments when the place will be saturated with noise. So this time whilst catching up on emails as well as reading, two law students sat opposite me. All was fine...although it was very busy (folk were escaping the semi-torrential downpour taking place) it was a level of noise that wasn't bothering me. But then the girl, who sat in front of me, turned to her partner in crime (get it?) and started discussing a was something about how could this woman knowingly do something, wasn't it just assumption on her part blah, blah, blah.

Now, I'm not being cantankerous for the hell of it but woman, turn the volume down please? The girl next to me must have been slightly irked too although she didn't appear to notice and her topic on Aristotle and Jesus diverted my attention ever so slightly away from the incessant chatting. The guy the law student was discussing the problem with could hardly get a word in edgewise but I reckon it was more the point that he didn't agree with her argument. There was a momentary break when all three of us spotted a very wet dog looking very sorry for himself cross the road; but it was a momentary break, 'cause she was back to making her (very vocal) point.. "so, I don't think the assumption that she thinks she's going to be killed...". The guy still wasn't buying her argument and said to her that they would have to agree to disagree..tactful and a true lawyer in the making?

But despite his 'agree to disagree' comment stopped the chatter, by then she had disturbed me too much and I left although I was inclined to swipe my book at her head as I placed it into my bag...

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