Monday, 29 March 2010

Grocery Shopping - US Style

Back in January when Hubby finalised (oops, sorry - finalized) plans to move over (whimper, yes without me ) to Boston, I was looking forward to getting to know Macy's and Starbucks on a greater level of relaxation...

...and when out there for those two weeks, it dawned on me that I can go the supermarket and shop...yeah!

I love grocery shopping, especially a few minutes after the store has just opened and there are just a few people milling around, I grab a basket and head towards the aisles with a hop and a skip (ok, just a slight skip); a sense of contentment builds as I mill around the tomatoes, finding the right kind of leek, perusing the meat section deciding on whether to have cumberland sausages or pork & apple...ahhh, the joy of it all.

So, imagine my delight when I could amble down the aisles of a real all American store - lovely! I grabbed a trolley ignoring Hubby's comments of - 'we're not going to buy that much'. "Yes dear," I mutter as I pushed the wire cage towards the fruit. Suddenly, everything looked different and I'm sure had to taste differently.

I picked up a tub of pineapple, like they were rings of gold, I contemplated whether to make this purchase...I put them back but that didn't stop me picking up the usual fayre (carrots, onions...OMG they have garlic too) like it was the 'amber nectar'..!

To my dismay though, I may well be incorrect on this part, but I couldn't find any garlic bread or 'shredless' marmalade! What's all that about?...and the tea is so different. Mother dearest said I must have been a 'memsahib' in a previous life because I like tea so much!

Anyway, obviously being Boston they're not exactly going to brimming with English breakfast tea! And the Irish breakfast tea just isn't strong enough - I did find a box of Twinings Engish Breakfast...but it's not the same, so I'm thinking that I'm going to have to pack a box or two!

This one store we went to was huge; fresh produce, a bakery section, a hot food section - oh and the American's don't do a decent ol' banger. They have what they call 'breakfast sausage'. It has so many preservatives I was wondering if you could taste any meat! I didn't get any but felt a dash of panic of whether I would be able to buy 'real' sausages!

Several aisles later (and possibly an hour or so from the time we entered the store), the trolley was beginning to brim with great things...cinnamon rolls, butter, orange juice, eggs....and as I turned down the second to last aisle, Hubby stopped and looked at me...

"Please, can we leave now...before I die here..?"

I rolled my eyes...when did the love of food shopping fizzle from our relationship? Did he no longer enjoy practically stopping and looking at every box, carton or packet of lovely foodie items? Has the fabric conditioner and what smell to go with lost all its appeal?

I went into momentary despair...but soon got over it as I realised (sorry - realized) that I could come back here again...on my own...and go 'wild in the aisles' ; and then Hubby would have to listen aisle by aisle my wonderful shopping expedition...



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